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Pipe Network Projects Spring Up due to Multiple Favorable Policies

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Recently, the planning and construction for underground pipe networks is accelerating in the whole country, the investment wait-and-see period ends and enters into an accelerated construction period. Underground pipe network construction launches from 2015, 69 cities involved, and the length is about 1000 km with a total investment of about 88 billion Yuan throughout the year. The government work report on March 2016 proposed that more than 2000 km underground network shall be constructed all the year round. If the cost per kilometer is 60 million to 130 million Yuan, then 1200 to 260 billion Yuan direct investment will be made for 2000 km pipe network. Pipe networks get more policy support and increase significantly in 2016. Due to the policies and PPP mode, pipe network projects spring up on May; pilot cities expand and run with special construction fund.

Considering the current situation, pipe networks construction will achieve rapid growth in 2016.

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